Town of Shizuoka City taxi tour

I will introduce traffic access in Shizuoka city. You can enjoy Tokaido except bus and taxi bicycle and walking.

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Shizuoka Taxi Association


Sunpu Roman Bus

Route bus around sightseeing Ieyasu public such as ""Shizuoka Asama Shrine"" and ""Sunpu castle park"". Even if you ride from anywhere, it is 200 yen per time, so please come to the town such as the Fuchu area.
※ Route and time may be changed due to natural disasters or events. For details, please check at the bus stop.

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Shizutetsu Bus call center


しずおか定期観光バス (土日祝日、1日1便運行)


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しずてつジャストライン 静鉄エクスプレス専用ダイヤル


Bicycle rental

For sightseeing in Shizuoka city, eco-friendly bicycle rental. There are lending centers in approximately 30 locations in the city including the JR Shizuoka / Shimizu station and around it, and it can be used according to the purpose.
※ 500 yen per time (subject height 137 cm or more).
※ Please present identification card.

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Shizuoka City Sightseeing Bicycle Network(Suruga Planning and Tourism Bureau)


Train / Bus

A free train ticket that will be all-you-can-get on the one-way 600-yen section of the bus route starting from the Shizuoka Railroad's "New Shizuoka - Shinshima" all four lines, JR Shizuoka, Higashi Shizuoka, Kusanagi, Shimizu . Shizuoka is a strong friend of sightseeing!





Suruga Bay Ferry Shimizu Port Bay Clues

In addition to the water bus on which bicycles can also be built, sea access is also being implemented, including the Shimizu Port Beacle, which allows the sea and the Fuji pannelas to be enjoyed, and the Hayaku Bay Ferry, which can be crossed to Nishi Izu and Tohoku.

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S-PULSE Dream Ferry


Sightseeing inquiry list

※The information on this homepage is the information as of February 1,

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