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About Shizuoka Tokaido Town Walker

The Tokaido was fully developed during the Edo Period (1603 AD - 1868 AD) as the main road connecting Edo (now known as Tokyo) with Kyoto (the ancient capital). It bustled with the traffic of many travelers, including the processions of feudal lords coming and going between Edo and their domains.




  • town_list Kambara-shuku Kambara-shuku
  • town_list Yui-shukuYui-shuku
  • town_list Satta PassSatta Pass
  • town_list Okitsu-shukuOkitsu-shuku
  • town_list Ejiri-shukuEjiri-shuku
  • town_list Fuchu-shukuFuchu-shuku
  • town_list Mariko-shukuMariko-shuku
  • town_list Utsunoya PassUtsunoya Pass
  • town_list Toro AreaToro Area
  • town_list Miho-no-Matsubara AreaMiho-no-Matsubara Area
  • town_list Nihondaira & Kunozan Toshogu Shrine AreaNihondaira & Kunozan Toshogu Shrine Area


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Here we introduce directions within Shizuoka City. You can travel around the city and enjoy the Tokaido by bus, taxi, rental bicycle, as well as on foot.
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  • さきがけミュージアム
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