Kambara-juku AreaJoruri Hime Legend

Joruri Hime Legend is a story of a tragic love between Genoshi Genoshi and Princess Joruri Hime of Mikawa · Yaeki (now Okazaki City). Yoshitsune fell in love with Princess Joruri on the way from Kyo towards Oshu, in order to fulfill the rebirth of Genji, leaving behind the princess whistle of "Light Ink" to Oshu, I will part with him. Joruri Hime Legend transmitted to Yao, after that the princess grieved with parting, and finally throws himself in Ojikawa, but the legend transmitted to Kanbara is a little different. Yoshitsune falls ill in Kanbara on the way to Oshu, and I will quit breathlessly. After receiving the news, Princess Joruri headed for Kanbara and cried to Yoshitsune's dead body and wept, the tears flowed into Yoshitsune's mouth and breathed back. And Yoshitsune will go back to Oshu again. Princess can not return to Mikawa so much as to sorrow for goodbye with Yoshitsune and will exit breath as it is in Kanbara. Pitifully for the death and love of the princess, the people of Kanbara built and crowded the mounds. Six seedlings of pine trees were planted in the mound and it seems that it became the guide of the traveler afterwards.


The grave of Princess Joruri is in Kanbara

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