Fuchu-shuku AreaPromotional video for Aoi Bune, with introduction by Shunputei Shota

The Aoi Bune, the new pleasure boats cruise around the moat of Sumpu Castle Park. Discover the charm of Aoi Bune in a YouTube video in which the Shizuoka Tourism Ambassador and famed comedian Shunputei Shota enthusiastically introduces the boat.
Shunputei Shota was born in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, and is known as one of the most devoted fans of castles and history in the world of Japanese entertainment. He delivers a jaunty and excited introduction in this fun video.

400 year old stone walls, scenery that can only be enjoyed from this angle by boat, and an elegant voyage that really lets you feel the season and history. With Shunputei Shota guiding the boat, you can enjoy a trip back in time to the Edo period.
And when you actually ride the Aoi Bune, you can remember what Shota said about the castle, and enjoy sharing the secret of its romantic history.
There is also a conceptual video for the Aoi Bune boats. Please watch both videos to get an image of your future voyage.

▼ Promotional video for Aoi Bune featuring Shunputei Shota

▼Conceptual video for Aoi Bune

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