Satta Pass AreaIntroduction of exquisite gourmet in Kurasawa area

Legend of Wisdom Teeth without Wisdom Teeth at Satsuki Pass

Currently it is Satsuko Pass where you can enjoy hiking safely, but until the Edo period, which was known as a difficult point of transportation, there were a lot of chasing and robberies appearing in the area.
In case
~There used to be a young man named Tadakichi who had appeared in Edo in the past. One day, while I was returning to my hometown where my father waited, I dropped in at Yui 's aunt' s house and asked them to pat the kimono. The next day my aunt visited my older brother 's house and asked about Chungcheon City, my father turned pale face. My aunt who chewed up, when I saw the garden, the kimono of the father city which I just made yesterday was dried.
Recently, the identity of chasing in the pass was father of Chung. After that, he seems to have found a father who stole his head at the cliff of Pass road ~


【Kurasawa Biwa】 Scenes with loquat on the slopes of Satsuki Pass are early summer festivals. Kurasawa Biwa is characterized by a large grain and rich sweetness.


【Kurazawa Asji】 Kurasawa Asji is called "rooted horse mackerel" and it is characterized by thick, high-quality, plenty of grease because it does not migrate.

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