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Enjoy the old-fashioned townscape, where traces of the old Tokaido remain.

Kambara-shuku was the 15th post town from Nihonbashi (in Edo) during the Edo Period. The appeal of this station lies in its old-fashioned townscape. It is the only post town recognized as a historic national road in Shizuoka Prefecture, and there are many beautiful sights to see, including historical homes distinguished by their black and white pattern walls “Namako walls” and Taisho Modern architecture that combines Japanese and Western aesthetics. Do not rush past or you will miss the gorgeous details. Take your time, read the information panels, and enjoy feeling as if you had stepped back in time.

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It's like going back in time! A retro cityscape walking course

Convenient because you can walk from Shin-Kambara Station. Note that some facilities are closed on weekdays and require advance reservations.

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