Miho-no-Matsubara AreaMiho-no-Matsubara Area

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Enjoy the view all for yourself in the place known for the legend of the celestial maiden

In 2013, Miho-no-Matsubara was registered as a component of the Fuji-san World Heritage Site. It is also counted among the three most scenic pine groves in all of Japan for its beautiful rows of nearly 30,000 pine trees along the coastline. You may find yourself blessed if you walk among the groves where a celestial maiden was said to have left her cloak, or visit Miho Shrine, which is dedicated to a god of marriage.

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Legend of the Edge of the Daggerring that loves the world heritage

A walking course to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Miho Peninsula. The final flight of the Miho Hui-yu line is 16:43 so be careful

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